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Online Banking Security

Progressive Bank understands and appreciates your concerns regarding the security of the information you will be accessing while participating in "Online Banking & Progressive Bill Pay," therefore, we have implemented the following controls for your Online security:

User-ID and PIN Numbers – An important part of the Online Banking & Bill Pay security process is your individual sign-on. When you sign up for Online Banking, you will receive "Sign-On Codes" assigned by Progressive Bank for access to Online Banking. If you also sign up for Bill Pay, your Online Banking sign-on codes will also give you access to Bill Pay. The sign-on codes are intended for your use only. When you sign-on to the service for the first time, you will be asked to change your PIN Number for security purposes. The following are general guidelines concerning your sign-on codes.

  • Avoid sharing your User-ID & PIN Number
  • Try not to select a PIN Number based on personal information (names-birthdates)
  • Do not keep a written record of your PIN Number for someone else to find
  • Your minimum PIN length will be 6 characters
  • If you leave your computer unattended, remember to "Sign-Off" from Online Banking

Other Security Measures – When using our Online Banking program, the following security measures will also apply:

  • We will not transmit or show your Progressive Bank account numbers over the Internet. The initial name shown for your account(s) will be set to the type of account it is at the bank. Once signed on to Online Banking, you can change your account names through the "Account Management" function to whatever name you wish for each of your accounts. From a security standpoint these names will be shown instead of your actual account numbers. Examples: "My Checking" for Acct# Demand-01 - "Household Checking" for Acct# Demand-02
  • If you have forgotten your User-ID and/or PIN Number, or your "User-ID & PIN Number" is incorrectly keyed in 3 times in a row, your User-ID/PIN Number will be locked out, please stop by any office to request to have your PIN Number reset. If you have any questions, please call, Online Banking Support at (866) 235-1923 during business hours.
  • If you are signed on to the Online Banking system without any activity for a period of 10 minutes, the system will automatically "Sign-Off." You will then need to sign back on to gain access to your accounts.
  • Please be advised that Email is not always secure against interception. You should be careful about sending confidential information such as; account numbers, credit card numbers and social security numbers using Email. If you need to transmit this type of information to Progressive Bank, you may want to call us or send it through the mail, or use the secured message option from Online Banking.

Safeguards – Progressive Bank has installed safeguards (Firewalls and Routers) designed to help protect, detect, and prevent any unauthorized or suspicious activity. These measures also ensure that Online access to your account information is only granted using the proper security guidelines.

Browser Software (128-Bit Encryption/SSL Protocol) – Your browser software is used to display Web Pages form the Internet. Encryption is a process by which data is "scrambled" when it is transmitted. When data is encrypted, the only parties who can view the data in a readable format are the sender and intended receiver. To ensure a high level of security, we require that all Progressive Bank Online Banking customers have browsers that support: 128 bit encryption with (secure socket layer) SSL protocol. Some popular web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. You will need to test your web browser for compatibility prior to signing up for our Online services.

Click here to test your current Web Browser for 128-bit SSL encryption.

If the above test shows that your current web browser is not at a security level of 128-bit encryption, then you will need to contact your web browser software provider to obtain a version of your browser software that supports 128-bit encryption. This upgrade is usually free of charge and is available for download over their Internet web site.

If you have any further questions concerning "Online Banking Security", please give us a call or stop by any of our conveniently located offices.
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