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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking FAQs

Q. What do I need to do, to start using Online Banking?
A. Simply stop by any of our offices and complete our Online Banking application and at that time you will receive your PIN number. We will then issue you through the mail, your “User-ID Code”. When you first log into the system from our Web Page you will be required to change your PIN Number. You can also create a psuedo name for your User-ID that is assigned by the bank.
Q. What kind of Hardware and Software do I need to use this service?
A. Online Banking requires a PC with an Internet connection and a web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. For more information on 128-bit encryption standards, please go to our Online Banking Features page.
Q. Is On-line Banking Secure?
A. Yes. We require an advanced encryption standard of 128-bit to access the system. All of the data sent from Progressive Bank to you over the internet is encrypted for security purposes. Safeguards are installed in our Firewalls and Routers to prevent non-authorized users to enter the system. We also require online banking customers to have a User-ID and PIN Number to access the system.
Q. What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
A. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an added level of security incorporated into your current Net Teller sign-in User-ID and PIN# authentication. The system will collect data on your sign-in location patterns and then prompt you to select and answer in your own words, three Security Questions. This information will then be stored in a secure environment. If the sytem determines that you are trying to sign-in to Net Teller from a different location than you normally would, it will ask you to further authenticate yourself by answering your chosen security questions to gain access.
Q. Can I send and receive "Messages" with the bank that are Secure?
A. Yes. When signed on to Online Banking, you have an option called "Contact". This is a secure message delivery system with the bank for our Online Banking customers that uses encryption standards to secure the message. Just type in your question or information and send it directly to the bank. The bank in turn will respond (if needed) back to you through this secured message system. You will then be informed when you sign on to Online Banking if you have any messages pending to read.
** Please note, this is not Email, it is a secure message delivery system with Progressive Bank.
Q. When will my account transfers show in my account?
A. All transfers completed/scheduled to take place Monday-Friday before 5:00pm. Eastern Standard Time (EST) will show as of that business day. All transfers scheduled to take place on a weekend, bank holiday, or entered after 5:00pm. EST Monday-Friday for that day will be processed on the next business day.
Q. Am I limited on the number of transfers I can make?
A. If any of your BANK accounts are either money market deposit accounts or savings deposit accounts, certain types of withdrawals from those accounts, including payments and transfers are limited. Under federal regulation, you are allowed up to six (6) pre-authorized withdrawals, that include, telephone transfers, ACH (automated clearing house) transactions, Internet transfers, or wire transfers in any specified period. There is no limit on deposits or the number of withdrawals you can make at an ATM (automated teller machine), by mail, or at a Progressive Bank location in any specified period. The specified period for money market deposit accounts is the monthly statement cycle. The specified period for savings deposit accounts is a calendar month. If you have any further questions concerning the number of transfers permitted, please call the bank at (866) 235-1923 during business hours. (9:00am-5:00pm EST / Mon.-Fri.)
Business savings accounts and any deposit accounts that require (2) signatures for withdrawal are not eligible for fund transfers.
Q. What happens if I forget my PIN# or Security Question Answers?
A. For security purposes, you are allowed 3 incorrect User-ID & PIN Number attempts or Answers to your Security Questions before being locked out of the system. If you wish to reactivate your account, please stop by any of our convenient locations. If you have any questions please call Online Banking Support at (866) 235-1923 during business hours (9:00am-5:00pm EST / Mon.- Fri.).
Q. What should I do if I think someone else has my User-ID & PIN Number?
A. You should immediately change your current PIN Number under the feature - "Options" then "Account Management". Or call, Online Banking Support at (866) 235-1923 during business hours (9:00am-5:00pm EST Mon.- Fri.) for any additional help.
Q. What happens if I forget to “Log Off” the Online Banking system?
A. Online Banking has a built in 10 minute security time out feature. If your sign-on session has been inactive for 10 minutes, it automatically “Signs Off.” You then will need to re-enter your User-ID and PIN for access.
Q. How far back can I view my Statement/Balance information?
A. With Online Banking you can view your current statement as well as your previous two statements.

Bill Pay FAQs

Q. What do I need to do, to begin to use Online Bill Pay?
A. Simply stop by any of our offices and complete our Online Banking Application. At that time, you can also sign up for Online Bill Pay by designating a checking account to pay your bills from. Your Online Banking “Sign-On Codes” will also give you access to Progressive Bank's Bill Pay system.
Q. What are the types of payment, and when are transactions processed?
A. There are two types of payments, Check Payments and Electronic Payments. Check payments are printed and mailed from the bill payment center to the payees selected, on the day that they are scheduled to be processed. Electronic payments are sent electronically to the payees selected, on the same day that they are scheduled to be processed.
Q. How do I check to see if I can make the payment as an Electronic payment?
A. When you first set up/add a payee for a bill pay transaction, Click on the "Check Search Electronic Payee List" to see if the payee is signed up for electronic payment status. If they are, you can select that payee to have your bill payment processed as an electronic payment.
Q. Why would I want to select an Electronic Payement type versus a Check Payment type?
A. With an Electronic payment, you can select what day you want the payment to be processed and accepted by the payee. With a Check payment, it will be printed and mailed out to the payee on the day you selected, but the bank cannot guarantee what day it will be processed by that payee.
Q. What does the "status field" indicate in the Bill Pay System?
A. Active - In the Main Section, the bill payment has been scheduled for processing on the date you have selected, but has not been processed/sent.
Processed - In the History Section, the bill payment has been processed and sent to the payee as you requested.
Q. How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?
A. All scheduled Bill Pay payments (for that day) are processed each business day at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). All bill pay payments for processing that day can be entered/deleted/edited up to the cutoff time before being processed that business day. Anything entered for processing on the current day after 1:00 pm EST will be processed on the next business day.
Q. How are Holidays and weekends handled?
A. Bill Pay payments do not get processed/paid on weekends or Federal holidays. If a scheduled bill payment falls on weekend, it will be processed/paid on the last business day before the weekend. If the scheduled bill payment falls on a Federal holiday, it will be processed/paid on the next business day after the holiday.
Q. When will the Bill Pay payments be debited to my account?
A. For an Electronic payment, funds are debited from your Bill Pay checking account the same day that the payment is processed. A Check payment is debited from your Bill Pay checking account when that check clears back against your account.
Q. How long does it take a payment to reach the payee?
A. For an Electronic payment, (Estimate: 1-2 Days) your payment is transmitted on the same business day the payment is scheduled for processing.
For a Check payment, (Estimate: 7-10 Days) your check will be printed and mailed on the same business day the payment is scheduled for processing. The "Check Payment" type would be the same as if you wrote the check out of your checkbook, and put it in the mail on the same day. The only difference is that it will be printed and mailed from our Bill Pay processing center.
Just a note – we have no control over the U.S. Postal Service or the processing center of your payee.
Q. Will the memo field that I fill out when setting up a payment be passed on to the payee?
A. The memo field information will only be transmitted with Check payments. On Electronic payments, your account number with the payee will be sent along with your payment.
Q. Can I edit an existing payee that is already set up?
A. The only thing that can be edited on an existing payee is the alias name on the account, and your account number with that payee. If you want to change anything else, the payee must be re-entered. ** Please note, if you decide to delete a payee from your payee list, then all history detail associatiated with that specific payee will also be deleted.
Q. Can I use Bill Pay if I live outside the U.S.?
A. Yes. As long as you have an account at Progressive Bank.
Q. Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?
A. Yes. You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items to the same payee in the same day.
Q. How far in advance can a payment be set up?
A. Currently, a recurring scheduled payment can be set up in advance to any date in the future. A one time payment can be set up to be sent 5 years in the future.
Q. How many different payees am I able to set up?
A. There is no limit to the number of payees you can have.
Q. Who, if anyone, am I not allowed to pay?
A. You cannot send an electronic payment to a payee that is not in our electronic payee database. There are no payee limitations for check related payments.
Q. What is the maximum payment amount using Bill Pay?
A. All of your Electronic payments are validated/checked for the availability of funds in your bill pay checking account prior to processing your payment. Your Check payments are cleared against your account like any other check. Therefore, the dollar limitation on check payments made through Bill Pay is only limited by the amount of funds in your bill pay checking account when the check clears at the bank.
Q. Can I place a stop payment on my Bill Pay ”Check Payment?”
A. Yes. After a Bill Pay check is processed and mailed, the Bill Pay history will show the check number assigned for that payment. The stop payment process at the bank would be completed in the same manner as if it were a regular check written out of your checkbook.
Q. Can an Electronic Payment be stopped/deleted once I have submitted it?
A. Yes. When an electronic payment is entered, it is scheduled for processing date. As long as the status of the payment is “ACTIVE,” you CAN delete/edit the transaction. When the electronic payment is processed and the status changes to “PROCESSED,” you CANNOT delete/edit the transaction and the payment will be processed as scheduled by you.
Q. Are checks drawn against my account mailed to the payee and returned to me?
A. Yes. All check payments issued through Bill Pay are encoded just as if they were a check from your checkbook. The signature line on your Bill Pay generated check will be printed as - ‘As Authorized by Accountholder’. When you schedule and authorize a payment, the check is printed and mailed from the Bill Pay processing center on the scheduled processing date and then you will receive it back (once cleared) in your monthly statement as a cancelled check.
Q. What will happen if a customer does not have sufficient funds for a payment?
A. Electronic payments are verified against your bill pay checking account balance for funds availability during processing. If the funds are available, your account is debited that day for the Electronic payment amount, and the payment is sent to the payee for processing. If the funds are not available, you will receive an Email message after the daily processing, informing you that the Electronic payment could not be processed due to insufficient funds in your Bill Pay checking account. The Electronic payment will then try to process the following day, and repeat every day thereafter until either, your account has the necessary funds to cover the electronic payment or you delete the payment all together.

Bill Pay Check payments can be returned by the bank just like a regular check. They are handled in the same manner as a check written out of your checkbook by you against an insufficient balance you may have.
Q. How long will payment history be viewable online?
A. At the current time payment history for payees is retained and viewable for a 18 month period.

If you have other questions, just give us a call or stop by any of our conveniently located offices.
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