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The following calculators are provided by Progressive Bank to assist you in your various financial calculations. To change calculators click on the calculator links below.
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Simple Savings | Future Value | Tuition

How Much Tuition Calculator
This is a simple calculator that lets you calculate how much money you will need to set aside to send your children to college in the next 25 years.
Current Tuition Cost:
Estimated Tuition Inflation: %
Annual Yield On Investment: %
Years Until 1st Child Starts College:
Years Until 2nd Child Starts College:
Years Until 3rd Child Starts College:
Years Until 4th Child Starts College:
Initial College Fund Amount:
Annual College Fund Contribution:
Inflation On Contribution: %
Marginal Tax Rate: %
(zero for deferred)

These results are approximate and are intended for your information only; they are not an endorsement or offering. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed by this bank and is only meant to be an approximate guideline.

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